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Can you wear a bullet-proof vest in France?

Can I wear a bulletproof vest in France?

The answer is YES, it is legal to wear body armor in France. However, the possession and wearing of bulletproof vests is regulated under the article Arrêté du 28 septembre 2018 Chapter IV: Dispositions relatives aux gilets pare-balles (Article 13). Under these regulations, only people with prior authorization issued by the relevant authorities are allowed to possess and wear them.

Wearing a tactical vest in France

People authorized to wear bulletproof vests in France include law enforcement officers, military personnel, private security guards, people working in high-risk sectors, as well as private individuals with legitimate justification and prior authorization issued by the relevant authorities.

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Marius - September 21, 2023

Bonjour l'article de loi en question est propos des cartes de séjours et non du port de vile pare-balles

RECH - August 5, 2023

The laws in France are curious? A simple bullet-proof vest, even without the anti-trauma plates, with just the internal protection of knife-proof steel plates, and many people killed with knives in France would still be alive, and the number of knife attacks is enormous, every day. So what is the legislator's aim: is he afraid that the "thugs" will wear them: in which case he can rest assured, they already have them, or is he afraid that in the event of a popular uprising, which has already happened in the past, the population won't be sensitive enough to the FDO's repression ???? The politically incorrect question is asked.

Stéfane - June 16, 2023

Thank you!

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