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Hardshell fabric: perfect for your outdoor gear!

Hardshell fabric: perfect for your outdoor gear!

Soldier, if you're looking for a hard-wearing fabric for your travels, look no further! Hardshell fabric has been specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Clothing made from hardshell fabric is ideal for winter bivouac missions, mountaineering and mountain hiking.

Discover the advantages and conditions of use of hardshell fabric, one of the world's most waterproof and hard-wearing fabrics!

Hardshell fabric: what is it?

Hardshell fabric is a highly resistant fabric specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures. It's waterproof and highly repellent. Its windproof fabric protects against wind, humidity, rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures. It's the fabric of choice for winter outings and extreme weather conditions. With a coat or jacket in hardshell fabric, you're sure to stay warm and protected from the elements.

Hardshell fabric: all the benefits

Hardshell fabric has many advantages! This new technology offers waterproofing, resistance, optimal protection, durability and breathability. Hardshell fabric is a highly resistant fabric that can be used in extreme conditions: skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing... A military jacket made from hardshell fabric will follow you on all your expeditions for many years to come.

Buying a jacket in hardshell fabric is a truly sustainable and eco-responsible choice, as it will serve you in many of your missions, for a very long time! Thanks to its unique composition, hardshell fabric offers excellent protection for your outdoor military escapades. A jacket made from hardshell fabric will protect you up to 20,000 Schemder (the unit for measuring the waterproofness of textiles), or around 20,000 meters of water. It doesn't get much more waterproof than that! The fabric is also highly breathable, allowing perspiration to evaporate quickly. Even so, it remains less breathable than Softshell fabric.

Military coats and jackets in Hardshell fabric offer great freedom of movement, so you'll feel right at home wherever you go! Discover Softshell fabric, Hardhsell's cousin!

Hardshell fabric: when to use it?

Hardshell fabric should be your go-to fabric when you're out and about in the great outdoors. Thanks to its technology, it protects you from extreme weather conditions. Here are just a few of the situations in which you absolutely must use hardshell fabric!

During a military bivouac in the mountains

Thanks to its high-performance fabric, hardshell fabric is perfect for use when bivouacking in the mountains. During your preparation, it will protect you from the mountain wind and any snowfall. A parka jacket in hardshell fabric guarantees total protection against the cold, which is perfect when bivouacking in the mountains!

During a military mission in a difficult climate zone

Do you have a military mission in an area where the climate changes rapidly? Where the nights are cool? Opt for optimum protection with a military hardshell jacket! Thanks to its ultra-breathable, waterproof technology, a hardshell fabric jacket will protect you from any inclement weather you may encounter. Highly breathable, you won't get hot, and you'll be free to move.

On a winter military tour in sub-zero temperatures

The hardshell fabric will protect you perfectly from sub-zero winter temperatures during your military hikes. A hardshell jacket will let you enjoy your hike without worrying about the cold! You'll be fully protected against rain, moisture and cold. What's more, your hardshell jacket will give you great freedom of movement.

Military mountaineering (or any other winter sport!)

Whether you're more of an alpine skiing or mountaineering team, opt for a military parka in hardshell fabric! This legendary fabric will give you great resistance and perfect freedom of movement during your sports sessions. Thanks to its highly breathable fabric, you won't feel the effects of perspiration, and you'll stay dry until the end of your session! It really is THE fabric to choose for your winter and outdoor sports equipment.

Our collection of Hardshell gear

On our military surplus store, we offer you the best references of military equipment in Hardshell fabric! Here are all the products with Hardshell fabric you can find in our military surplus store:

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