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softshell fabric

Softshell fabric: the best choice for your military jacket!

You want to buy a new military jacket and don't know what to get? Opt for a Softshell jacket! This revolutionary fabric is waterproof and breathable, giving you perfect protection outdoors. Softshell military jackets are the best choice for military personnel!

Softshell fabric benefits, conditions of use... Find out all you need to know about Softshell fabric and buy your military jacket now from our military surplus store!

Softshell fabric: what is it?

Softshell technology was developed twenty years ago. It is mainly used in technical garments. Softshell fabric guarantees breathability, warmth, comfort and protection thanks to its three layers of fabric. The three fabric layers each have different functions:

  • A fleece inner layer for perfect thermal insulation
  • Another core layer features a water- and wind-resistant membrane
  • The outer layer is made of a tough, elastic technical fabric for perfect comfort of movement

Thanks to its three layers, Softshell fabric offers ideal protection against moisture. Softshell garments are water-repellent and can be used in rain, snow, wind... It's an excellent choice for soldiers looking for an effective jacket in any season! Thanks to its fleece layer, Softshell jackets protect against the cold and can be used in sub-zero temperatures.

Softshell fabric: all its advantages

Softshell fabric's new technology offers many advantages! Thanks to its thermal inner layer, Softshell fabric offers ideal insulation against cold and damp. Its central membrane also guarantees protection against the wind: the Softshell military jacket can be used in stormy weather without the risk of getting cold! The outer fabric has water-repellent properties, enabling the jacket to be used in the rain or in damp areas.

Thanks to its Softshell fabric, the jacket dries very quickly and you won't feel the damp. Despite its three-layer thickness, Softshell technology offers great breathability. Our Softshell military jackets are ideal for soldiers who want to stay dry while on mission. Softshell military jackets offer great mobility and can be used both in the field and on a daily basis.

Discover hardshell fabric, the cousin of softshell fabric!

Softshell fabric: when to choose?

Softshell fabric offers breathability, thermal resistance, water repellency and comfort for military personnel. It can be used for mission departures, for occasional or regular travel, or on a daily basis. Here are the best times to use a Softshell military jacket!

For an excursion into the forest or jungle

In the jungle or in the forest, weather conditions can change in an instant. Moisture is tenacious, and it's hard to stay dry without adequate protection. A softshell jacket or blouson is specially designed to protect against moisture. It's the best choice for your travels in the forest or jungle!

On missions in wet or rainy areas

Softshell military jackets guarantee excellent comfort of movement, even on missions in damp or rainy areas. Thanks to its water-repellent, breathable fabric, a Softshell jacket gives soldiers total freedom of movement while keeping them dry. And if the weather turns cold, the Softshell jacket guarantees perfect thermal insulation thanks to its fleece inner layer. Buying a military Softshell jacket is a good choice for any soldier who wants to go out in the field with total protection in all circumstances.

When hiking or bivouacking in the mountains

Thanks to its thermal insulation, the Softshell military jacket provides perfect protection against cold and wind. So it's a great idea to use it on a bivouac or mountain hike! It protects soldiers from sub-zero temperatures. Thanks to its water-repellent and waterproof properties, it also protects against snow and moisture.

Our collection of Softshell jackets

We've selected someexcellent references for military Softshell jackets and blousons for soldiers in our military surplus store. You'll find the best military softshell jackets on the market, at the best prices. We guarantee excellent fabric quality, so you can be sure of excellent protection with our military jackets.

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