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What is a shade net?

What is a shade net?

You wonder what is a shade net? ? Also known as shade sails, shade cloth or camouflage netting, this device is mainly used to create shaded areas. This accessory is very popular in themilitary universe to advance stealthily and avoid being spotted by enemies.
First introduced in the early 20th century, it has undergone a number of evolutions over the years, and is now available in several versions. On the market, you can find different models, as resistant as they are aesthetic, dedicated to different uses. They've even become indispensable for decking, balconies and pergolas. What it is and how it works shade curtain ?

What is a shade net?

As its name suggests, a shade net is an accessory designed to create shade in an outdoor space. It's a kind of overhead canvas that you can hang on the balcony, terrace or other fixing points, depending on its use. The most important thing is that the device is able to shade and cool the area where you intend to install it.
Shade sails are therefore an excellent alternative to garden parasols for protection from the sun. They are generally made from high-density polyester or polyethylene fabric to withstand heatstroke as well as the aggression of ultraviolet rays.
Like military camouflage netting, this equipment is made from high-quality materials. This means they are strong, robust and, above all, weather-resistant. However, this device is often neither waterproof nor waterproof canvas, as it is a net.


What is the purpose of a shade sail?

Shade sails are essentially used to shade an outdoor space. You can use them to protect you from the sun, heat or light rain, depending on the quality of the fabric. But that's not all: the device can be used in a number of different areas.
The fabric's patterns are effective either for hide objects for expeditions, bivouacs or hunting, or to hide in. In fact, a complete range of nets is available for theairsoft and paintballWhether for decorations, protection, fences or delimitation.

A real field asset for the military

Camouflage netting is a very popular accessory in the military world for safety reasons. It can be used to camouflage a position, hide from enemies and conceal a camp. Among others, snipers prefer camouflage and discretion for their installations in hostile zones. They then use a shade net to place their vehicles or helicopters in the shade. out of sight of enemies.
Often composed of a Woodland patternThe fabric guarantees optimum visual coverage during missions in the heart of forested areas. In fact, the shape of foliage in anise-green, brown and black imitate the natural hues of the forest to blend in or make you less conspicuous in the environment.
The concept is the same as the design of thesoldiers' uniforms. What's different is that nets offer the best possible protection from head to toe, compared with other equipment such as camouflage jackets, vests, trellis, pants, T-shirts, rangers, underwire, etc.

A camouflage device for bivouacs

You'll also find a wide range of shade nets for bivouacs and hiking trips. This equipment is very effective for better concealing the camp during an outing. open-air mission such as hunting, or simply to protect tents from the elements.
On the other hand, it avoids attracting the attention of wild animals in the wild. For hunters, shade netting is an invaluable aid to stalking game animals and reaching them easily.

A decorative element indoors and out

Military and campers aside, camouflage netting is increasingly making its way into the home, both indoors and out. It adds a decorative, aesthetic, trendy and original touch to your outdoor space, while sheltering an uncovered area from the sun.
As well as providing shade in the garden, the shade sail is well suited to decorating the terrace or pergola in fine weather, while sheltering you from prying eyes. Easy to install, it can make your shaded area more original or embellish a private corner.
In cinema and theater, the use of this device goes beyond the decorative framework. Nets are ideal for jungle backdrops and war films. But they can also be used to cover wires and other objects that might interfere with the scene.


What is a shade net: outdoor shelter

Like arbors and awnings, this accessory is a highly effective way of furnishing a terrace or pergola. It can also be used to shelter you from the sun by the pool. The reinforced model provides good protection against summer heat, but also against winter cold and snow.
Visit military net is often used as a privacy screen, curtain or shade sail on pergolas or terraces. It also helps to optimize the longevity of garden furniture. Fire-retardant fabric is an ideal shading solution for barbecue areas.

A UV shield for crops

As the name suggests, this type of veil shades vegetable crops and protects sensitive plants from the sun's rays. The sun's rays cause water to evaporate from the soil, which can dry out and damage vegetation. Shade netting therefore makes it possible to limit exposure crops to harmful rays and reduce the greenhouse effect.
In this option, it is necessary to choose a shade cloth adapted to your young plants so that they can develop properly. For example, models offering maximum shade can be very heavy. A polypropylene sail is more resistant to the sun's rays. Moreover, the white color has the advantage of allowing few light spectra to pass through.
Made from mesh, this gardening equipment also protects crops against heavy rain, heat and hail. It acts as a heat shield against frost in winter, and forms a perfect barrier for insects and birds.

How to choose your camouflage net?

Choosing the right shade net is essential. Selection depends on its use. All models are generally suitable for internal use. However, the mesh net reinforcement is highly recommended for outdoor use (forest, jungle, desert, war zone...) to cope with bad weather. You should also take into account other important criteria such as :

The color

A wide range of colors and patterns are available on the market. It's up to you to choose the design that's right for you. Among others, shades of green (green-khaki) allow you to blend in with greenery or a forest environment. They blend in with the foliage. Choose a brown or sand-colored net if you're on a mission in the desert or in areas with no vegetation.


Size and shape

Like color, size and shape are also very extensive. Whether you want a rectangular shape or a triangular sail, there's something for every size to camouflage the surface you have.

Canvas quality

The component of the shade sail is crucial, especially if the device is intended for a specific application. protective role. As a general rule, waterproof and water-repellent fabrics with very fine, tightly-woven mesh are preferred. This repels water, which simply runs off the fabric. A waterproof model doesn't let air through either.
A breathable veil ensures excellent wind resistance. Whatever the material, quality depends on weight. Shade net weights range from 150 to 340 g/m2. Like the tarpaulin, however, it's best to dismantle the shelter and put it away in case of heavy weather or strong winds, to avoid tearing it.
Polyester fabric is more resistant to ultraviolet rays and rain. It's also easy to maintain. Polyethylene may be strong, but it lets air through.

How to attach a shade net?

Installing sailcloth on the surface to be covered is not as simple as you might think. It may be easy to attach, but you need to make sure it's strong enough. Most models, such as reinforced netting, have mesh loops to facilitate the passage of ropes and cables.
The attachment system is pretty much the same for all models. Nevertheless, you need to consider several attachment points to ensure that you have the right place for it, and that you can secure it permanently.

Among other things, you need to attach the nets to immovable, solid elements, such as a wall, poles, masts or trees if you're going camping. The attachment lugs need to be well sewn into a consolidated part to resist the pulling force of the wind. You can opt for canvas stretched close to the window to protect the room from the heat.

Now you know what a shade net is. Looking for a model that suits your needs? This military accessory is highly versatile. It can be used in many areas. Its role isn't limited to wartime, when you need to avoid being spotted by the enemy. It can also be used for other activities. You need to buy a high-quality model that's easy to assemble.

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LAMBERT GUY - May 6, 2024

Hello, I'm looking for a shade net to protect my horses in the meadow, so that they can enjoy the shade produced by this system in summer. What is your opinion, what weight should I choose, and what about in windy conditions?
Thank you for your advice,
Dinant, Belgium

Pedrosa Dos Santos - April 18, 2024

Very good,

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