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Brands on SOLDAT.FR

We are proud to offer you an exceptional selection of top-quality products in our store thanks to our available brands.

The A10 Equipment brand: excellent quality/rpix ratio for this military reference!

A10 Equipment

A10 Equipment is a French brand specializing in the manufacture of clothing and items tailored to the specific needs of law enforcement and military personnel. It has built its reputation among professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike thanks to the quality of its equipment. SOLDAT.FR stocks a selection of the best A10 Equipment accessories at competitive prices.

Mil-Tec: one of the best military brands!


Well-known in the tactical and outdoor sector, Mil-Tec is a brand of Sturm Handels GmbH, which designs clothing, equipment and accessories for military service. It is one of the most popular brands on SOLDAT.FR, with a large stock of items. Military and law enforcement professionals can find and order all Mil-Tec products in our online store. Come and discover our stock of Mil-Tec items to choose the equipment or clothing you need.

The Cityguard brand: a wide range of military equipment and clothing!


In our store you'll find some of Europe's leading brands, such as CityGuard, which carries a vast stock of military equipment, clothing and accessories. Operational bags in khaki or black, shoes, belts, fleece chokers, fleece jackets... A wide range of CityGuard products is available in stock at the best price on SOLDAT.FR.

Casio G-Shock: buy a military watch!

G-shock (CASIO)

For a man or woman in the field, having a watch that can withstand extreme conditions is a priority. To meet this need, Casio (one of the industry's key brands) developed a new G-Shock collection in the 1980s. This has undergone successive improvements and has become a favorite model thanks to its unique resistance. SOLDAT.FR offers several models of G-Shock watches at competitive prices.

The DCA France brand: specialized equipment

DCA France

Anyone working for the gendarmerie, police and law enforcement agencies needs to have the right equipment for their own safety and to be able to transport their equipment easily. In this category of equipment, the products offered by the DCA France brand are among the most interesting that every military and police professional should have. For anyone looking for such equipment from DCA France, SOLDAT.FR's stock certainly has the ideal product.

The tactical foodpack brand: buy a military ration!

Tactical Foodpack

When a member of the armed forces goes on a special operation, he has a list of mandatory items to pack in his survival kit, including his military ration. Although there are several brands of meals of this type, Tactical Foodpack products, available in SOLDAT.FR stock, are among the most interesting.

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