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Top 10 equipment not to forget in your military first aid kit

A good soldier must have a good military first aid kit when going into the field. No risk does not exist ! With a good military first aid kit, a soldier is prepared for all critical eventualities.

Survival blanket, Israeli bandage, resuscitator mask or even simple tweezers: there are many essentials! Forgotten equipment can quickly put a soldier in difficulty in the field.

You don't want to find yourself in such a situation? Here is our top 10 equipment not to forget in your military first aid kit .

Care accessories: wipes, cotton pads, scissors, etc.

military healthcare equipment

A good first aid kit must contain medical accessories in order to provide care. You will need to have a good pair of medical scissors , cotton balls, providone-iodine wipes or even alcohol preparation pads. You can also provide cotton swabs which are useful in the event of a slight and superficial injury.

Furthermore, don't forget to provide yourself with a good medical tape in order to make effective and resistant dressings. Choose a microporous and resistant tape for the skin.

Find our complete IFAK first aid kit and our military survival kits on our military surplus store.

A good disinfectant to avoid infections

military first aid kit equipment

Infections caused by bacteria can be fatal in the field. A simple cut can quickly take disastrous turns. To avoid a disaster and the development of staphylococcus aureus , opt for an effective disinfectant.

You can also replace the disinfectant with 70% modified alcohol . The 70% modified alcohol contains disinfectant, but also antiseptic properties and makes it an essential ally in a military first aid kit . It is known to destroy skin bacteria in less than two minutes. However, be careful: modified alcohol contains a mixture of ethanol and is very flammable.

The materials needed to make a tourniquet

tourniquet military first aid kit

A hemorrhage quickly occurred during a perilous mission. This medical emergency requires quality equipment to prevent the death of the soldier. In your military first aid kit, include equipment for making a tourniquet : a medical scissor, a tourniquet and a medical patch. For the more daring among you, know that a tourniquet can also be done with a belt or tie.

If you don't know how to make a tourniquet, discover our article with all the explanations to help you make an effective and risk-free tourniquet . Indeed, the tourniquet is a medical technique that requires prior knowledge to avoid complications.

With our military tourniquet care kit , stay ready at all times in case of hemorrhage. Our tourniquet kit attaches to the belt and does not take up space: there is no need to take risks by going without it. Shop our military tourniquet care kit on our military surplus store.

A splint, elastic straps… in case of injury

military splint

An accident quickly happened on the ground. It only takes a little and the ankle gives way on a bramble or an object, and the pain is guaranteed. To prevent soldier strains and sprains, include a splint and elastic straps in your military first aid kit . In addition to being able to protect your injured limb, this equipment helps reduce inflammatory pain.

The elastic straps can be used for the ankle as well as for another part of the soldier's body: wrist, elbow, knee, etc. They are easy to put on and help strengthen the joints. Strapping is also a good way to prevent injuries in the event of apparent pain or on difficult terrain.

A triangular sling to protect a fracture

Here is an accessory that may seem trivial in a military first aid kit, but which quickly proves useful in the event of a fracture of an upper limb: the triangular sling. An excellent means of immobilization , the triangular sling helps protect a fracture or tear of the upper limb in order to avoid additional complications. It helps reduce arm movements so as not to move the fracture or tear.

The triangular scarf can be single-use or reusable. To install it to measure and consolidate its hold, you can use safety pins and include them in your military first aid kit .

Bandages and an Israeli dressing

Israeli military dressing

Of course, bandages should be present in every good medical first aid kit . Choose dressings of several shapes and waterproof to compensate for all minor injuries. To make custom dressings, you can also provide a roll of dressing: using a good pair of scissors, you will be able to adapt the size of your dressing.

In a military first aid kit , also include an Israeli bandage. This type of dressing is not used to protect minor injuries, but to contain bleeding. The Israeli dressing is a means of emergency hemostatic compression and is essential in the event of hemorrhage. Easier to use than a tourniquet, the Israeli dressing is designed to be put on a hand yourself without assistance. An essential military first aid kit, for any soldier who wishes to venture into solitary missions!


military medical kit

The accessory that you don't always think to put in a military first aid kit is tweezers. However, the latter proves very useful in the event of an insect bite or splinters. Thanks to its fine tip, the tweezers can remove the stinger of an insect (such as a hornet or wasp) to avoid infection and instantly relieve the sting. In addition, it is the only way to remove a tick . This parasite is very present in the bush!

If you have first aid knowledge, tweezers also allow you to perform medical techniques in a sterile manner such as cleaning an open or infected wound.

Pins to make complete and tailor-made bandages

military injury

Safety pins are often a forgotten item in military first aid kits . However, they are very useful in many situations. Safety pins can be used to support an injured limb with a triangular sling, consolidate a bandage, close a broken zipper or even patch up clothing with holes. Totally versatile, you can use it in a medical setting , but also practically.

Our complete IFAK first aid kit contains metal medical pins. Opt for this nylon military first aid kit so you don't forget any equipment!

A survival blanket

military survival blanket

The essential part of a good medical first aid kit: the survival blanket ! In the event of hypothermia, fever or accident, this blanket is essential to maintain the correct body temperature. The survival blanket can be used to protect the soldier from the sun, to warm the body if it is humid or to cool it in case of extreme heat. Field mission conditions can be difficult and this coverage will always prove useful.

At SOLDAT.FR , we offer you a reusable survival blanket made from ultra-resistant materials to guarantee excellent quality. Compact size and featherweight allow you to take it anywhere on the field! Its material is entirely washable : ecology thanks you, soldier!

An insufflator mask always useful in the event of resuscitation

In the event of a serious accident or heart attack, resuscitation of a soldier becomes obligatory. A resuscitator mask is necessary to supply the injured person with oxygen while waiting for help to arrive. If you are not trained in first aid, this equipment will allow you to do everything possible to resuscitate the injured person during respiratory distress. Have a copy in your military first aid kit to deal with all situations.

This single-use mask must be renewed if used to avoid contamination of germs between patients.

How to choose your military first aid kit?

military survival kit

A waterproof, practical and durable kit

You don't know what material to choose for your military first aid kit? Opt for a waterproof and durable material like nylon so that it can withstand all situations. Additionally, pack a practical military first aid kit with built-in pockets for easy organization.

Should you bring a military first aid kit or a complete survival kit?

military survival first aid kit

To go on a mission, a good soldier must have at least a military first aid kit . If you want to anticipate all situations, buying a survival kit is also a good thing. Saber map, compass, flashlight or even fire starter, the survival kit is very useful.

On our military surplus store, we make life easier for soldiers with our complete military survival kit including a survival kit , but also a military first aid kit . Equipped in this way, you will be a soldier prepared for all situations!

Discover our article on the equipment to include in your military survival bag !

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