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L'histoire de la Ghillie Suit

The History of the Ghillie Suit

Ah, the Ghillie suit , what a fascinating invention! The origins of this camouflage outfit date back to the time of the Boer War in South Africa, where British troops began experimenting with camouflage clothing to blend in with the landscape . But these first attempts were far from perfect. These khaki outfits decorated with sewn leaves and branches did not provide enough concealment to fool enemies.

Elite Sniper Ghillie Suit

It was then that the military began using more advanced materials , such as camouflage netting and khaki-colored reinforced canvas, to improve their camouflage techniques . But there was still a problem - these materials were heavy and impractical to carry into the field.

Modern Ghillie Suits

And that's where the modern Ghillie suit comes in. Developed during the Vietnam War, this camouflaged outfit consisted of camouflage netting with strands of string or cotton attached to it, giving a texture that resembled the vegetation . This texture was achieved through weaving and sewing techniques, and by adding natural materials such as leaves, branches, grasses and clods of earth.

Modern Ghillie Suit on a sniper

Today, the Ghillie suit is still used by militaries, hunters and snipers around the world .

The saying goes: a real sniper makes his Ghillie Suit .

And it's easy to see why - this camouflage outfit is one of the most effective ways to blend in with the natural surroundings . It creates a visual illusion that fools the human eye, making the user virtually invisible to enemies . Fascinating, isn't it?

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