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Sac de survie militaire : top 10 des équipements à ne pas oublier !

Military survival bag: top 10 equipment not to forget!

Before going on an excursion or hike, a good soldier must prepare a complete military survival bag in order to be prepared for all situations. This is step number 1 to ensure a risk-free survival mission in hostile terrain!

Rain, storm, flood or even injury... Forgotten equipment means disaster guaranteed! Medical kit, survival blanket or even fishing equipment: here are the top 10 pieces of equipment not to forget in your military survival bag .

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A complete military medical kit

military survival kit

In nature, living conditions are not always optimal. A minor or serious injury can happen quickly and you must be prepared for it. With such preparation, you ensure that you can treat yourself quickly and avoid complications. In the event of a serious injury, a complete military first aid kit may save your life while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Prepare a complete military first aid kit with at least:

  • Care accessories : wipes, cotton pads, scissors, etc.
  • A good medical alcohol type disinfectant
  • The materials needed to make a tourniquet
  • A splint and elastic straps
  • A triangular scarf
  • Bandages and an Israeli dressing
  • Tweezers
  • Pins
  • An insufflator mask

A rope and some cord

military survival rope

You may not have thought about it, but having a rope comes in handy in many situations. Mountaineering, climbing, ziplining... Depending on the location of your mission, the rope can be used in different ways. It can also be used to tow and move heavy objects . The rope is a really useful piece of equipment for any soldier going on an excursion!

Choose a versatile rope , suitable for all situations: the semi-static rope is an excellent choice. You can also choose a cord survival bracelet . This type of jewelry allows you to have around 3 to 4 meters of rope on your wrist: it is very useful. It's the essential accessory for an adventurer in hostile terrain!

Fishing equipment

military fishing equipment

When food becomes scarce in the field, fishing equipment can quickly save the adventure. Before you go on a mission, practice with your equipment so you know how to use it when needed. Fishing is not a very difficult task and you should be an expert very quickly.

For your military fishing equipment , plan:

  • A fishing line
  • Several hooks
  • Swivels
  • Leads
  • And a lure with a hook

A survival blanket

In your military survival bag, remember to take a survival blanket . This blanket allows you to thermoregulate the temperature of the human body to cool or warm it in all circumstances. The survival blanket lives up to its name and saves lives in the event of hypothermia or hyperthermia in a soldier. She will very quickly become your ally in the field!

For your choice of survival blanket , we advise you to opt for a reusable survival blanket in your military survival bag .

A flashlight

military flashlight

In a cave or in the darkness of night, a flashlight is essential during a mission. Thanks to a flashlight, you can light yourself, but also light your path.

If you know Morse code , the flashlight can also allow you to send a message remotely in the event of danger or difficulty.

Are you interested in military communications codes ? Read our article dedicated to the military alphabet !

A fire starter kit

military fire starter kit

The fire starter kit is an item of equipment that should not be forgotten in your military survival bag . Multifunctional, it can allow you to warm up around a fire in case of negative outside temperatures, but also to warm up a meal or to cook animal flesh.

A military fire starter kit generally consists of a firesteel flint, burlap and a magnesium block. However, make sure you know the correct fire starter kit techniques to avoid causing a fire during your mission.

A multifunction compass

military multifunction compass

Here is the essential accessory for your military survival bag : the compass. This scientific gadget will allow you to always know your way, regardless of the conditions of the mission. Opt for a multifunction compass to guarantee the smooth running of your adventure in hostile terrain!

We sell several military compasses on our military surplus store: pocket compass, watch compass, digital compass... Choose the one that suits you best for your military survival bag !

A waterproof poncho

military survival clothing

It is difficult to predict the weather in advance. Depending on your mission location, rain and humidity can quickly become your worst enemies. To compensate for this, carry a waterproof poncho in your military survival bag. With its minimalist size, the waterproof poncho takes up little space so there is no point in wanting to do without it!

Also remember to dress in comfortable, waterproof clothing for your mission. Wear good, waterproof shoes to avoid getting wet feet. Discover our collection of military clothing on our military surplus store!

A portable saber card

portable saber card

The portable saber card , also called a survival card, takes the place of a credit card. However, it is much more useful for a soldier! The portable saber card can allow you to slice, uncap, cut, file… and much more. It's a real multifunctional Swiss army knife type gadget that you won't be able to do without.

If you have difficulty finding your way, the portable saber map can allow you to file the bark of trees to create marks to help you find your way better. In short, it is a real survival tool that you absolutely must have in your military survival bag .

A multifunction defense pen

A simple pen can become your best friend in the field! The multifunction defense pen most often has an aluminum body. It can be used for writing, but also as a window breaker or defense weapon.

Having a defense multifunction pen in your military survival bag is an obligation to consider all the possible difficulties that you may encounter in the field.

Our all-inclusive military survival bags: additional equipment to bring!

To prepare your military survival bag, you have two choices: design it yourself or buy one already complete. On our military surplus store, we have made several military survival kits for you , depending on your needs.

Find our complete 38 in 1 military survival kit including both a survival bag and a complete military first aid kit. If you already have a military medical kit, opt for our 12 in 1 military survival kit .

Conversely, if you already have a military survival bag, consider bringing a military first aid kit in order to anticipate all possible complications!

Here are also some additional military survival gear you can plan to take with you on your mission:

Now you are prepared for all eventualities for your military survival adventure ! All that remains is for us to wish you a good mission, soldier!

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